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broken spring repair

The best garage door repair service provider is the one that on top of solving the problem you called them for goes a further step to determine the cause of the problem and deals with it to ensure a permanent solution. A professional technician would even g a mile further to test the solution and any other problem that you may not have notes due to lack of expertise in the industry. This way you will save potential new door installation and new motor installation cost which could result from damages that can be prevented if the problem was dealt with from the root. Technicians from garage door repair in Holbrook are the best because they leave no stone unturned as far as garage door repairs are concerned. When it comes to broken spring, the following are the main roots of the problems and how they can be prevented.

  1. Poor maintenance- the spring should be coated or regularly greased to prevent rusting which causes the spring to break. Old engine oil can be used for this purpose.
  2. Unnecessary usage of the garage door- the torsion spring has a predetermined lifespan and it reduces every time you open and close the garage due to wearing out. To preserve the spring life open the garage only when needed.
  3. The spring strength- If a weak spring is used to support a very heavy door it will break due to overloading. Use of two or a stronger spring is the solution to this cause.